School Fees

Annual School Fee accounts are sent out at the start of each school year or at the commencement of enrolment via email. 

Arrangements can be made to pay in a lump sum, weekly, fortnightly or monthly if desired.

The following options are available for fee payment: CompassPay, BPAY, Centrepay (fortnightly deductions from Centrelink payments), or cash, cheque and EFTPOS at the school office.

One child: $1618.00 per year ($31.12 per week over 52 weeks)

Two children: $2813.60 per year ($54.17 per week over 52 weeks)

Three children: $3653.80 per year ($70.27 per week over 52 weeks)

Four children: $3946.80 per year ($75.90 per week over 52 weeks)

School Fees are broken up into the following areas:

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee is billed yearly with a discount given to the second, third and fourth child of the family attending the school.

The fees are as follows:

One child: $912.00 per year

Two children:  $1641.60 per year

Three children: $2188.80 per year

Four children:  $2188.80 per year

Resource Fee: This money is incorporated into fees for the year. This money is used to cover the issue of stationery, exercise books, photocopying, art supplies, cardboard etc.

Years K – 6: $128.00 per year per child

Travel and Cultural Fee: This fee is to cover all cultural visits and specific trips within the Forbes area by bus. It does not cover class excursions but does cover whole school activities.

Years K – 6:  $64.00 per year per child

Copyright Levy:  Years K – 6 –  $22.00 per year per child

Technology Levy: Years K – 6 – $42.00 per year per child

Maintenance/Building Levy: This money is used to pay for the maintenance and repairs of school buildings.

Work Book Fee: The annual workbook fee for 2016 is $37.00 per child.

Building Levy:  $240.00 per family per year.

Chromebook Fee: All students are issued with a Chromebook which is included in the annual school fees and is paid off over a period of three years. The Chromebook fee is charged to families for the first two students in the family. The Catholic Education Office covers the Chromebook fee for a family’s third, fourth and fifth child.

Years K – 6: $173.00 per year per student

Financial Assistance

It is the policy of the Catholic Education Office Wilcannia-Forbes that no Catholic student will be denied an education because a family is unable to pay school fees. Parents with cases of genuine hardship should approach the school principal, and these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.