Vision & Mission

Centred on the person of Jesus, St Laurence’s Parish School community develops and nurtures the faith of each child and through an extensive curriculum educates all children to achieve their full potential.

Religious Education

At St Laurence’s Parish School all children:

  • are educated in the tradition of the Catholic faith
  • have opportunities to participate in prayer and liturgy
  • are prepared for the sacramental life of the church
  • develop a deep sense of respect for, and responsibility towards self, others, the natural environment, our cultural heritage and global community
  • see the teachings of Jesus modelled and are encouraged to live them in their own lives
  • invite their families to have an active part in their faith journey

Children and Learning

At St Laurence’s Parish School all children:

  • feel safe, secure and affirmed in the learning environment and are encouraged and assisted to achieve their full potential
  • have opportunities to make choices, think creatively, critically and work cooperatively
  • are encouraged to take risks in the learning environment
  • have their uniqueness identified, celebrated and respected
  • are aware of their rights and responsibilities as members of the community
  • have a clear understanding of school expectations

Teaching and Learning

Teachers will:

  • create a safe learning environment that is creative, stimulating and challenging
  • engage students by catering for individual needs and learning styles
  • implement current educational practice through a diverse range of learning experiences
  • keep abreast of global and social changes and the effects of these on the students through continued professional development


At St Laurence’s Parish School each person:

  • works within and towards a community based on the person of Jesus that is welcoming, accepting and nurturing
  • promotes the partnership of family, parish, school, and community
  • contributes towards a community which fosters a sense of justice, respect for self and others
  • develops a commitment to the service of others.